The Mentorship Program in a nutshell:

  • The Program is a fusion of the new Clinical Research Mentorship Program and the previously existing YNC (Young Nephrologists Committee) Mentorship Program; it is run by both committees and they are responsible for reviewing the applications and matching suitable mentors and mentees.
  • It aims to foster expertise-building relationships between highly experienced nephrologists (the mentors) from around the world and nephrologists from low-middle income countries (the mentees) who seek counselling in a specific area.
  • Guidance is provided in the domain of clinical research (for example, setting up a research project, how to get work published, etc.) and to young nephrologists (under 40) seeking counsel in a clinical area not related to research.
  • The goal is to formalize and stimulate regular interaction between the mentor and mentee for a 3-year period, whereby active guidance is incited and a tangible outcome is expected by means of regular interaction (skype, e-mails, etc.).
  • Applications from mentees, who are ISN members, are welcomed throughout the year via the especially developed online platform:

We are certain that this Program can result in making a concrete difference to the scientific and clinical careers of many nephrologists around the world, as well as to their centers and wider community, and thereby play its part in ISN’s capacity building mission.

We have adjoined the program’s guidelines for your further information and for sharing purposes. We remain available to answer any questions you may have via