We are excited to see the flow of World Kidney Day events posted on our map and can’t wait to see all the pictures that you will take.

As we are getting closer and closer to March 9, here is a quick recap for you to check that you have everything in place and you are ready to CELEBRATE!

If you are organizing a WKD event, you can find WKD campaign material here. Download, print and distribute – help us raise awareness! Is your event dedicated to school children? Here you can find 2 Power point presentations created especially for them.

Once you have all the details of your event, don’t forget to pin it on the WKD event map. Posting your event on our map will allow you to increase participation to your event and us to have an overview of the WKD events taking place in your country.

If you cannot participate in a WKD event in person, you can always help us raise awareness through Social Media. In the 2017 WKD Campaign Toolkit you will find plenty of ideas and messages that you can share on March 9.


This year we are inviting you to get up and get moving to celebrate your kidneys! Join our “#move4kidneys” online action.

If you practice any sport or you simply like walking, take a picture of yourself in action and share it on your social media accounts with the hashtag #move4kidneys

We hope you will enjoy and have a fantastic World Kidney Day!

Thank you for your support!

The World Kidney Day Team