Dear All,
We are proud to share the ISN Programs Book 2015 with you, highlighting our achievements in 2015. The ISN Programs Book shows the step-by-step contribution of the ISN to the progress of nephrology worldwide, helping patients in every region of the globe get the care they deserve.

Many years have passed since the ISN Programs started, with the intent of bridging gaps in access to treatment for growing populations diagnosed with kidney disease in some of the most disadvantaged parts of the globe. Now, we can see the fruit of our commitment and the difference we are making within the global nephrology community. These Programs testify how relentlessly sharing expertise across borders is helping advance care and research globally.

Leveraging contributions from ISN members, the profit from some of its other activities and some support from partners, the ISN is able to invest more than 2,000,000 USD in its Programs every year. In 2015, thanks to this funding, 37 ISN Fellows got the training they needed, 53 Sister Renal Centers set up valuable transplant, dialysis, and other clinical nephrology programs, 14 Educational Ambassadors exchanged knowledge with their peers, 44 Continuing Medical Education courses provided lectures tailored to regional needs and 4 clinical research projects were completed.

It is our hope that the stories included in this Programs Book will inspire you to join us in this effort to advance nephrology in your country and region.

You can read or download the ISN Programs book 2015 here:
Best wishes,

Rumeyza Kazancioglu

ISN Eastern & Central Europe Regional Board Chair