The Fellowship Programme offers an opportunity to young investigators and clinicians to increase their contribution towards the development of Nephrology, Dialysis and Transplantation in their countries as well as to increase the exchange among European Nephrology Centres.

ERA-EDTA supports two different Kinds of Fellowships:

  1. RESEARCH FELLOWSHIPS (which can be long or short term Fellowships, LTF/STF) intended for advanced training through research and/or promoting a research collaboration between two institutions;
  2. CLINICAL FELLOWSHIPS (only short term Fellowships, STF), intended for training in specific clinical techniques.

The duration of LTF is more than six months (181 days) and no longer than 12 months. A shorter period than requested may be awarded depending on the score assigned by SAB and the resulting position in the ranking.
The STF duration is from a minimum of 2 months to a maximum of six months (180 days).

From 2006 till 2013, 71 STF and 80 LTF have been attributed and, starting from September 2009, the Programme is no more restricted to exchanges among different European Countries, but is also allowed within the same country; nevertheless, priority will be given to Fellowship exchanges among different countries.

In 2014, the deadlines will be:

  • February 1st – first deadline
  • July 1st – second deadline

All information is available in the Fellowship Programme section of ERA-EDTA official website:

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ERA-EDTA President and Scientific Advisory Board Chairman

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ERA-EDTA Scientific Advisory Board Co-Chairman

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