ISN Education released valuable nephrology content throughout the month of May.

In collaboration with ISN's Dialysis Committee, ISN Education released a new set of presentations from the First International Dialysis Course on Renal Replacement Therapy held in Senegal in December 2015. These presentations address varying subjects in hemodialysis.
In its latest new partnership with the Renal Research Institute, ISN Education made a second set of presentations available from this year’s 18th International Conference on Dialysis – Advances in Kidney Disease 2016 held in Miami. The talks focused on a wide variety of conventional and non-conventional topics related to kidney disease.
You can find a fascinating account of the relationship between the tubular and vascular structures in the kidney with the release of a 1975 movie entitled, “The Vascular and Tubular Organization of the Kidney.” Produced by Reiner Beeuwkes, J. Bonventre, E.D. Miller and A.C. Barger from Harvard Medical School, this film uses the dog kidney to explain the mammalian renovascular system. Lise Bankir, Education Committee member, helped ISN Education acquire this film.
Finally, for those who missed our webinars in early 2016, we invite you to have a look at the latest webinar webcasts. These include our most recent May webinar on Renal Research – Past, Present and Future with John Feehally, as well as our second webinar in French entitled, « HTA et maladie rénale chronique – cause et conséquence, dépistage et prise en charge, traitement» with Thierry Hannedouche and Faiçal Jarraya. Also, don't forget to register for our upcoming webinars, including the launch of our Dialysis Webinar Series with Brett Cullis presenting on June 10th about PD Access in Acute and Chronic Kidney Disease.
Enjoy ISN Education!