is a multilingual website that provides free educational resources on kidney health and disease prevention, with content prepared by a global team of 100+ nephrologists in 40 languages.

I request you consider utilizing this website to educate your patients on World Kidney Day. The website offers a 200-page book, “Save Your Kidneys”, for free in 40 languages. This award-winning website is a valuable resource for patients to access reliable information in their preferred language.

It’s worth noting that global kidney organizations such as ISN, ASN, ERA, WKD, IFKF, KHA, UKKA, ANIO, ESPN, and many more have endorsed and supported this resource, which is a testament to the website’s significant contribution to kidney education in multiple languages.

As a nephrologist, you know the importance of patient education in preventing and managing kidney disease. provides strong support to educate patients in their native language and bridge the knowledge gap to better care. The availability of reliable information in their mother tongue will fulfill the World Kidney Day theme of “Kidney Health for All”.

It’s important to note that is a philanthropic activity without external funding, sponsorship, or advertisement. The website’s success is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the global team of 100+ nephrologists who have contributed to its development.

Thank you for your time, and we hope you will consider using as a valuable resource to educate your patients on World Kidney Day.